Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A million UDIDs leaked by a hacker

hackers Un millón de UDIDs filtrados por unos hackers

AntiSec hackers group has released one million laptops stolen UDIDs FBI, for you do not know the UDID is the number that identifies your phone, something like your ID.

Apparently the group has released only a small part of what you have, say they have more than 12 million "unique identifiers". They have also reported that the device type is each and the name that appears in iTunes (iPhone Gnzl), and apparently also have full names, telephone numbers and addresses of the owners of the devices.

And the question that comes to mind, why has the FBI this information? Apparently the being used for Ad Targeting users of these iPhones ... You see our privacy is being called into question every day, not just for people dedicated to identity theft for financial gain, but by governments themselves, in this case the United States.

More - T-Mobile encourages its employees to fight the release of the new iPhone

Source - IDB

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