Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A group of hackers published 1 million UDID's taken from a laptop FBI

Yesterday, September 3, a group of hackers released the UDID of about 1 million iOS devices. Apparently, in March stole a list containing about 12 million-plus UDID numbers of names, addresses, postal codes and telephone numbers-a laptop FBI.

It is still unknown why getting robbed and what they wanted that information, but the fact is that the information that leads to the UDID (the identification number of our iOS device, which can be easily checked in iTunes, as you will see below-) is basically a user's personal information. Also, along with the UDID, published on APNS (push notification service), the name of the device (for example, "iPhone Marta") and the type of device (in this case would be "iPhone").

If accedéis to iTunes with your device plugged in, you will see that you see the name of your device, capacity, software version you have installed, the UDID and phone number. However, not to be confused with the UDID serial number.

MacRumors has confirmed that this is real data, but, for now, it seems that there is no way to check if your UDID is listed.

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