Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A benchmark shows that the iPhone 5 is the fastest with Javascript

The A6 processor is the heart that unleash the full potential of the new iPhone 5 . However, curiosity awakened performance by the amateur community to benchmarks, is making us reach many analyzes of its performance.

To measure performance running JavaScript, the interpreted language with which to perform complex operations on websites worldwide, there is a standard called SunSpider benchmark. According to preliminary analysis, the A6 mounts two ARM cores running at 1 GHz and we already have the first tests with this test.

iphone 5 velocidad javascript Un benchmark muestra que el iPhone 5 es el más rápido con Javascript

Apparently, running the 0.9.1 version of the famous benchmark on an iPhone 5, the results have been amazing. For the first time it has fallen from a second execution times, make so far not been achieved. The strange thing is that other high-end smartphones that boast of having a better hardware than the iPhone 5, they are unable to approach the speed of this, at least running Javascript code.

In the table below you can see the marks of a good number of terminals. The lower the value achieved, the better.

iphone 5 velocidad javascript 2 Un benchmark muestra que el iPhone 5 es el más rápido con Javascript

The iPhone 5 test runs in 915 milliseconds, while the Galaxy S III takes one and a half that, and the HTC One X needs more than a second and a half to do the same. Gone are other handsets like the Galaxy Nexus, which doubles the time required, or even the iPhone 4S, a handset that came out less than a year ago.

We are eager to see the next moves of the competition in terms of performance as well as new analyzes confirm this raw power that lurks in the bowels of the new terminal of Apple.

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