Saturday, September 1, 2012

101-in-1 Games HD: Free Game Set iPad in one app

We have more than proven that the iPad is a device that, in addition to serving as a working tool, is a great devourer of our leisure time, and no longer just for surfing the internet, watching movies or TV, or access social networks , but above all, by our use of video games.

101-in-1 Games HD is an entertaining app will keep us dead in our times, as it contains a variety of different types of games: arcade, shooting, racing, sports, and even sudoku, among others.

Translated into Spanish, with 101-in-1 Games HD have fun for a while, as the vast amount of games, and above all, varied, will make sure that we find any hitch.

Best of all, the app is completely free, so if you want with just one finger click on the link below, you will have 101 games to enjoy.

101-in-1 Games HD

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