Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10 Factors that can make your app a success

desarrollo apps exito 10 Factores que pueden hacer que tu App sea un exito

One of the things that people ask me the apps development scene is what makes an application stand out above the rest. There is no single answer to this question, but ten in total. In this article I will do a review of these 10 factors that make the difference between your app and the competition.

1. - Innovation

We have enough fart machines (says Apple), and I think not without reason. If you look in iTunes before you get to work with your app and you see 20 equals, not get confused, your idea is not worth your time and used to think something others have not done so already. A different application draws attention and another that already has a lot makes people pass by

2. - Simplicity

For the Android users like simple. If your app is beautiful and simple to please everyone. Life is already too complicated to have to spend hours learning to use an app

3. - Connectivity

Make social media marketing is free and will make people talk about it. Get a button likes in your app are 10 minutes and allow tweeted takes a minute. Are you going to let this opportunity pass by?

4. - Need

Imagine an app if you do not arrancase you had to go home because you need to reinstall it to your everyday life. If users need to use your app you will certainly sell a lot

5. - Reviews and Ratings

 10 Factores que pueden hacer que tu App sea un exito

Valuations are fundamental to many potential buyers. Nobody buys an app without knowing whether mola. Invite users to value it using a module on the market. Many of them are free and put it in your app will take 5 minutes.

6. - Gratuity

If you think your work is worth it, make a free version with ads that invite you to buy the paid version. People will test you will generate advertising revenue and also your sales multiply by four.

7. - Promotion

No app work if not you promote other apps, blogs, websites, banners, social networks and other media. Even Angry Birds is promoted through banners on web sites.

8. - Price

It is the fundamental factor of purchase. If you make a mistake in the price you're dead. Point. Please also note that often priced too low us to think that the app is bad. The only exception is games. Almost all cost € 0.79.

9. - News

If you get the iPhone 5 should adapt your app to be the first to support it and introduce important innovations. Everyone will want to know that your new device is able to have extra sales and guaranteed. The same can be applied to the Retina display iPad or MacBook Pro seizes opportunities.

10. - Adaptation

Make changes to your app occasionally, offers new users and make it a living product. The next time a user views a yours app in the store know that your purchase will have value over time.

So much for the 10 factors that will help your application is successful.

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