Wednesday, August 22, 2012

'Plants Vs Zombies 2' will be released in 2013

 Plants Vs Zombies 2 verĂ¡ la luz en 2013

If you're addicted to 'Plants Vz Zombies' will be pleased to know that its developer, PopCap Games, announced this week that in 2013 we will have a second installment of its most successful title. 'Plants vs Zombies 2' arrive in mid-2013 and will present new plants and zombies. PopCap Games also promises in its press release "new features and new situations, all designed to surprise fans worldwide."

Spring is the season chosen by the creators of the hit game to present a new release, according to them, "going well" and that will not disappoint fans of 'Plants Vs Zombies'. As always, the title will be accompanied of humor that characterizes and maintain aspects of the original game.

Over one billion people worldwide have played any title from PopCap Games. Will it become 'Plants Vs Zombies 2' in another great success of the company?

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