Thursday, August 30, 2012

Time Geeks & Friends: The second part of the famous game "Seek and Find"

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If you've played the first part of this game: Time Geeks: Find All! I have no more to say, sure you were looking forward to its continuation appear if you've never played I recommend playing both.

This second part is called Time Geeks & Friends becomes a social game in turns to play with your Game Center friends or random people. The concept is the same, find people and objects that are hidden by Art Pixel type scenarios filled with funny scenes and winks, but with the added sting with friends to see who rises through the ranks and will unlock the competa collection of 250 avatars . It is an ideal game to play with family, is like looking for Waldo but with many more funny scenarios, and with the added attraction that every time you have to look for something different.

It has many new scenes and more than 300 challenges.'s Free, but there is a premium version with a way for children to be able to play infinitely many times as you want without an internet connection, or money, or anything. You also get double coins per minute, which are necessary to be able to play and use the extras. Family entertainment, pure and simple.

532842653 Time Geeks & Friends: la segunda parte del famoso juego Busca y Encuentra Time Geeks & Friends
Developer: Ivanovich Games
Price: free (Download application)

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