Thursday, August 30, 2012

Time Geeks & Friends, the new multiplayer game Ivanovic Games

Maybe for some of you read the title of this article I have delighted in recalling Time Geeks , a fun game of finding objects and people in pixel art. Ivanovic Games has released another title, this time focused on multiplayer.

As the name makes it clear, this new Time Geeks has been developed with online gameplay, either with friends or with random people. We need, therefore, an internet connection.

Thus, we anticipate that our opponent and be the first to find the objects and people tell us. We make use of wildcards that will give us a small advantage over our rivals.

The graphics are tailored to the retina display New iPhone 4/4S and iPad. Being based on Time Geeks: Find All!, Fun is guaranteed.

Its great advantage is that it is also universal and free, so you have no excuse for a game that really descargaros will like. If you have kids at home, disponéis a Premium version (2.39 €), which includes a game mode with no time for the children to enjoy looking at the characters that carefree time runs out.

Time Geeks & Friends

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