Friday, August 31, 2012

Tim Cook and Larry Page talk about the mess of patents

iphone cook nexus page Tim Cook y Larry Page hablan sobre el follón de las patentes

Lately it seems that Apple is closer to patent infringements than anything else. Clearly, the company wants to protect their developments and research, but sometimes we feel that the news about patents are more present than any other news.

Now there is talk about a possible rapprochement between Google and Apple. Indications are that Tim Cook , CEO of Apple and Larry Page, CEO of Google, have been talking by phone on topics related to the ongoing patent litigation. The conversation focused on patents related to the iPhone, the iPad and various Android device makers.

Tim Cook (Apple) and Larry Page (Google) speak

The war between the two companies began when Google failed to create an operating system to compete with BlackBerry (which initially was going to be Android), to turn your system into a serious competitor to iOS. Erich Schmidt, who at the time was CEO of Google and took a seat on the board of Apple, decided to leave his position in the company of the bitten apple. A Steve Jobs this did not sit well. Their relationship became strained leaders and Android Jobs said were "stolen goods" and even dared to threaten to kill the operating system.

Tim Cook looks over his words and all he has said is that Apple can not become the "promoter" of the other companies and that each must invent their own stuff.

Hopefully this rapprochement between the two CEOs bring some peace and can come to some agreement for the development of both operating systems (Android and iOS) continue normally and we, the users, we can benefit from the improvements.

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