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Three ways to see the same judgment: Apple, Samsung and Google

A few days ago we told the verdict in the trial of Samsung against Apple that was taking place in California. The Samsung jury declared guilty of violating some patents of Apple, which can lead us to think that Apple is the winner of this whole saga and Samsung the loser. But perhaps this is not entirely true. We will analyze statements of each of the companies that have been made after the trial, including Google's Android has come out to defend.


Apple juicio 650x440 Tres formas de ver un mismo juicio: Apple, Samsung y Google

Apple was the one who started all this mess. We saw it in the paper in which we told the verdict, Tim Cook sent a letter to its employees that highlight some phrases:

"Today was a big day for Apple and innovators worldwide.

We chose legal action reluctantly and not before without having tried asking Samsung to stop copying our work. For us, this trial has always been more important than patents or money. Value originality, innovation and dedication of our lives to make better products.

I'm very proud of the work of each of you.

Values ​​have won today and I hope that everyone has heard. "

It is clear that Apple are very proud to have won the trial. In addition, as "the good guys", Tim uses to emphasize that they would not complain, and only did so because Samsung ignored their requests.

apple juicio patentes Tres formas de ver un mismo juicio: Apple, Samsung y Google

However, going into a war in the courts is a limit and a slowdown for innovation, as the bureaucracy, as we all know, is very slow. If Apple patents show or not Samsung copied them could take a long debate in which we do not want to enter.

In short, Apple is the clear, and if another company wants to do something they should have done prior to checkout (as many companies have already done). If you want to do something different, they just have to innovate. For us, the users, this would be the best solution, as this would have more variety to choose from.


samsung juicio patentes 650x447 Tres formas de ver un mismo juicio: Apple, Samsung y Google

The Korean company has remained as the big loser in this trial. In his statements reveal that the decision was unfair and that they are the true innovators, alluding to the verdicts of other countries :

"Initially we proposed to negotiate with Apple instead of going to court, because of our previous business relationship. However, Apple continued its demand and we have not been forced to go to trial.

The verdict is in sharp contrast with the decisions made ​​by the courts in other countries, like Britain, Holland, Germany and Korea, which ruled that there had copied Apple's designs.

We are confident that consumers and market innovation prioritize and not companies who get into trials. "

samsung apple juicio Tres formas de ver un mismo juicio: Apple, Samsung y Google

Is it possible to discuss whether Apple was right suing Samsung, but what is clear is that Samsung's inspiration was not own and had something to do with Apple. Could always do something different, but of course, it was better to play it safe.

Samsung has managed in recent years to position itself at the top of the market along with Apple. No doubt that is part of Samsung's own merit, but perhaps something has helped that took inspiration from Apple. Following the judgment of the trial will have to look very much their designs and not violate any patents.

Perhaps 1,000 million dollars is not too much for a company like Samsung, but if another patent violators could begin to ban the sale of their products, which would affect the coffers of the company. For now it seems that the outcome of the trial has generated any serious setback for this great company.


Android patentes apple 650x433 Tres formas de ver un mismo juicio: Apple, Samsung y Google

And you, you may ask, what Google looks here? For the Mountain View have come to the fore after the verdict, to say that patents raped not affect the core of Android. According to their statements:

"Most patents are not related to the core of the Android operating system, and many are being re-examined by the patent office of the United States. The rapidly advancing mobile industry and all companies try to build based on ideas that have been around for decades. We work with our partners to offer consumers innovative and affordable products, and not want anything to limit that. "

You see, a fairly neutral stance, but give hose where everyone say is based on existing ideas. However, no fall in more detail. Moreover, we must remember that Samsung Google warned about the great similarity of their products with the block, and as this could lead to trouble.


apple samsung google 650x472 Tres formas de ver un mismo juicio: Apple, Samsung y Google

I think we all hope that this judgment will be the end of legal disputes between large companies and they start to measure and market their products, as it should be.

As I said, the 1,000 million dollars in fines are not a drag on Samsung, and they are not very useful for Apple (we know you have to spare). Nor do I believe that this result smear the image of any of the two companies. The only big loser of such judgments could be innovation and, indirectly, we as users.

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