Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Sandbox now available: create pixel art worlds in the new game and BulkyPix Pixowl

The Sandbox is a new game and BulkyPix Pixowl, which put us in the role of helper of God, in order to create and discover new items.

On this basis, we will find a game Pixel art style, in which we have to use our finger to drop items and have them mix with others. Thus, we will begin taking land and water and from there we will unlock others as sand, fire, wax, metal or snow.

This will be done from the campaign (24 missions), in which we will be putting a series of challenges to advance. Whenever we finish receive mana, allowing us to buy the new elements discovered (also can use the In-App Purchase to accelerate the process).

When you want a break from the campaign mode, we can enter free mode, where we have the liberartad to do what we want and can gain mana experimenting with the elements.

The final mode available is the gallery, where we can see (and share) the worlds created by other users. You can find amazing creations, with which we can interact or just watch.

The game is free, but for now only supports iPhone and iPod Touch, but we have confirmed that Universal will soon.

If you will be royo gods and Pixel art, because it's worth descargadlo. It's fun to think about how we can solve a mission in various ways and using various elements.

The Sandbox

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