Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Office Web App for iPad interface improves

Not the first time we talked of the old dream that Apple and Microsoft reach agreement so that users see Office for the iPad . Though the office applications available on the App Store fulfill their purpose, it would not hurt to have native support for our files. Doc,. Ppt and. Xsl.

Rumors come and go, creating maximum buzz when leaked in May that Microsoft was planning to launch its successful office suite in November 2012. However, since entonce nothing has been heard.

Many were disappointed when it revealed plans Office 15, and between the supported platforms was not the iPad or any iOS device. Moreover, it was an important element in promoting facing Windows 8 mobile devices.

app office ipad mejora interfaz La aplicaciĆ³n web de Office mejora su interfaz para iPad

Each uses its arms as you think, right?. Well, today we learned that Microsoft Office 365, the web application system based on the cloud that implement the functions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel, has changed its interface.

If we go from an iPad , now we see the classic menu you can see if you go from a computer. Instead, we see larger controls easier to press a touch screen. Selecting text, context menus, and multitouch gestures such as zoom, are also supported.

This opens the hopes that Microsoft is finalizing a secret with your office suite app for iOS. In any case, it is a joy to know that both companies are not abandoning their collaborations, which can only benefit users.

What do you think? Have you tried the new Office interface in your web application for iPad?

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