Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The new vice president of retail recognizes "that has screwed"

 El nuevo vicepresidente de retail reconoce que ha metido la pata

Last week jumped the alert Apple stores spread across the U.S. geography. Without any explanation, the employees of establishments saw their hours were cut. These were the orders that the store managers received by the new vice president of retail, John Browett.

Quickly came the rumor that Apple had stopped hiring new employees and would soon begin to lay off workers worldwide. Why cut hours to their employees the most valuable company in history?

Apparently, John Browett, who happened to occupy his post last April, was testing a new model of productivity among employees, but never thought to take workers or hire new stop. Shortly lasted this test launched by Browett team because at the large number of reviews, had to rectify immediately and apologize, acknowledging that he "screwed up". A bad start to a vice president who was controversial in joining Apple: your resume could be seen in the past mismanagement.

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