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The manufacturing cost of the iPad Mini would be about $ 189

ipad mini El coste de fabricación del iPad Mini podría ser de unos 189$

Is it hard to make each $ 189 Apple iPad Mini?

Usually, when Apple launches a new product to market, appears as a study might cost to build every unit. These prices are usually pretty rough, but never actually correspond to 100%, as Apple does not publish this data.

This time the people of Tech-Thoughts, wanted to publish this study before the arrival of the iPad Mini . When the device is no more than a series of rumors, but somehow work could be advancing towards their possible release.

For this study were based on the price of components used by Amazon in its Kindle Fire, Google and Nexus 7 and also prices for Apple iPad. According to them, the Cupertino company could market the iPad Mini from $ 299 and the manufacturing cost could be around at about $ 189. This means that Apple would be earning about $ 110 for each unit sold, a profit margin of 37%, a figure which agrees closely with the margins usually operate with the company.

coste fabricacion ipad mini El coste de fabricación del iPad Mini podría ser de unos 189$

To reach these conclusions, have looked at the prices of the components it manages Apple and other manufacturers have made calculations. Of course they are totally approximate and as you say in your post, the final production cost could be different. For example, Apple could spend more money than other camera manufacturers in the product, on the battery or on the screen. Apple tends to invest more money in improving the quality of these components, so that the cost of the same may be higher than the estimates and also higher than those paid by other manufacturers.

Perhaps the area where most have had doubts when pricing the components is the screen. Apple is using screens high pixel density in their products (Retina Display). This is a determining factor in the price of the panel. The smaller and higher resolution, more pixels need to function. It is said that the iPad Mini could have the same resolution as the iPad 3, although the screen would be almost three inches smaller, so the pixel density increase around 25%. The price difference would be quite noticeable.

As I noted earlier, it is still early to know the approximate price of the device production. All that is known about the iPad Mini rumors are unconfirmed, and there are still many questions about the possible features, even if we are guided by rumors.

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