Friday, August 31, 2012

The iPhone 5 could include new processor A6

iphone 5 procesador a6 El iPhone 5 podrĂ­a incluir el nuevo procesador A6

In recent months, we have seen almost all the components of an iPhone. If finally confirmed that these components were part of the future iPhone 5 , the keynote presentation surprised just because know its characteristics, nearly full, well before the official presentation.

We have seen the housing front, the rear, the new dock connector, battery, even the buttons, but so far something is not leaked, the processor that will give life to all components of the new iPhone 5. (See all the iPhone 5 rumors in an infographic )

In the photo that accompanies these lines you can see a motherboard with processor included. According to the leaks, it could be the new A6 processor, a quad-core processor that would be included in the next iPhone.

Chip? A6 in the new iPhone 5?

Since Apple has begun to design their own processors, never been released with the iPhone. The A4 was released with the original iPad, the A5 went straight to the iPad 2 and A5X was used in the new iPad 3 . Now it is said that Apple could change this way of acting and releasing a new processor with the iPhone 5.

Actually the part shown in the photo looks real, so we might think we are really at what will be the heart of the iPhone 5, although striking lines that are pictured, gives the impression that the photograph has been made to an image displayed on a computer screen.

What do you think? IPhone 5 Will you need the quad core processor? Will we see the release of a new processor with the new terminal of Apple?

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