Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The iPad Mini and iTV may already be in full production

The Wall Street Journal is usually a credible newspaper in regard to information technology, so the rumors coming out from his writing deserve special attention. The truth is we do not know exactly how they are able to learn so much about Apple before anyone else.

This time ensure that the apple company has been working on a smart TV with access to on-demand content in the cloud in addition to the usual services of cable.

 El iPad Mini y la iTV podrían estar ya en plena producción

What's more, they also publish an analyst has recommended its customers to be mindful rumored iPad Mini . Apparently, both the iTV as miniature tablet would already be in full production in the Asian factories.

According to the latest information, the presentation of the iPad Mini is imminent. Expect manufacture about 25 million units for the third quarter of 2012, and about 30 million for the last quarter. Thus, Apple positioned in the market more than 50 million units of this new tablet ahead of the Christmas season.

 El iPad Mini y la iTV podrían estar ya en plena producción

Meanwhile, the mysterious iTV would come out a little later to sell about 2 million units this Christmas, priced around $ 1.250 each. However, its release might also be delayed until early 2013 to give priority to the launch of iPad Mini, you need help to compete with proposals Amazon, Google and Samsung.

To provide content to the Apple TV, the company is negotiating with cable companies and broadcasters. For now, focus on the United States but hopefully being a naturally expand to the rest of the world.

And last but not least, this bold analyst adds that within a month, Apple and will be available to more than 15 million units of the iPhone 5, making it the biggest launch of a smartphone in history. As you can see, we wait a few months about exciting new product launches.

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