Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Apple iTV could be launched in December

What do you think a new Apple product for Christmas? It's not the iPad , or the iPhone, or the iPod Touch. Nor is it one of their fantastic desktops or laptops. This time we will talk about the Apple TV, an old acquaintance but never quite materialized.

In effect, the device known as iTV could be released later this year. Can you imagine the success it would have to face the Christmas season? Everything would depend on what that offered and at what price, of course.

The information comes from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, which ensures that the HDTV of Apple is in full production in the Asian factories. This new device will be called iTV and offer not only hardware, but also content.

apple itv lanzamiento diciembre El iTV de Apple PodrĂ­a Lanzarse en Diciembre

To do this, Apple would have associated with telecommunications operators such as Verizon, AT & T and Comcast. In principle, the insured would be content to users within the United Kingdom s, but not outside that territory.

According to the consultancy, sales of this TV smart amount to 2 million units by early 2013, with an average price of $ 1,250 per device. A pretty fancy price for what may be in the market for televisions.

They also know some of the manufacturers who supplied the parts to Apple. These Asian companies Sharp and Hon Hai, with the apple company has already worked in the past.

Personally, to me it seems a steep price for a TV, so it seems like a luxury product with which Apple intends to differentiate itself from competitors, while offering quality content.

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