Friday, August 31, 2012

The App Store is updated to iOS 6 output

Yesterday afternoon could be seen some amazing changes in the beta version of iOS 6. Those who have embraced the Apple developer program, watched by surprise as one of the most important applications of the operating system changes showed succulent.

Indeed, the App Store for iPad and iPhone has introduced some new features. For starters, the screen displays search results and cards that can scroll left and right. To browse them, see Android along with his photograph and the average score of users.

app store actualiza salida ios 6 1 La App Store se actualiza para la salida de iOS 6

Another novelty is the inclusion of the Genius recommendation system that handles applications that might suggest some interest us. Moreover, section and downloaded apps have a greater presence in this version. Thus we have controlled all once installed on our devices.

Finally, podcasts are back to the iTunes Store. When we click on the link in one of the files, opens the new application from Apple that managed, so we should have it installed.

app store actualiza salida ios 6 2 La App Store se actualiza para la salida de iOS 6

All these functions we discussed were available in iOS 5, but Apple has taken care to give much more visibility so that users do not have problems to find and use.

Here's a video which details the changes look and functionality of the new App Store with iOS 6 .

Recall that as recently as a couple of months appeared the new Apple operating system, although its release is not expected until fall. Chances are that the launch of the iPhone 5 in a few weeks to give us more information about the company's plans for the Apple iOS 6.

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