Friday, August 31, 2012

Several new images of the components of the supposed iPhone 5

With just under two weeks to the supposed presentation of iPhone 5 (recall that could be the next September 12 ), keep popping pieces that could be the actual device, but if in the end it is not, could create a perfectly Full phone ...

The last to appear are the iPhone 5 front panel complete with home button and screen his new 3.99 "next to an iPhone 4/4S panel today, you can clearly see the actual size that could be the new device (too high to make it comfortable to use in every hand?)

It also has welcomed the possible pictures of the motherboard, that contrary to what was thought to be real and the photos could fit a chip A5X A6 instead of the new iPad.


It looks increasingly clear what the new design so what you and you begin to make the idea or you keep "waiting" for Apple finally the surprise?

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