Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sending voice memos with iMessage

iMessage came to us as a major feature of iOS 5, which, as we all know, we can send free messages between iOS devices. For this, the terminal is responsible for recognizing when the phone who sent the message or Apple ID (for the iPad and iPod Touch) are eligible for free message (must be installed iOS 5 or later).

Applications like WhatsApp to send us to, among other things, audio files in an easy way. Although iMessage (or messages) lets us send both images and videos, there is the option of sending audio, but to do so we will have to take extra steps.

  1. First, enter the Voice Memo application (installed by default in iOS). The iPad will be available with iOS 6.
  2. We recorded the audio you want to send.
  3. Access the list of recorded voice memos (gray button to the right of the micro)
  4. Edit the name of the note if you want to do this you have to press the blue button to the right of the name.
  5. Finally, we click Send, and select Message as a method to share.

Thus, the voice memo to be attached to a message, and only have to select the sender.

Remember to check before hitting the Send button changes from green (not compatible with iMessage) to blue, thus avoid significant charges on the bill by sending MMS :)

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