Friday, August 31, 2012

Samsung beats Apple in Japanese courts

photo Samsung gana a Apple en los tribunales japoneses

Japan has been one of the scenarios of recent legal battles between Apple and Samsung. This time, the California company sued Samsung for a patent related to data synchronization between iOS devices and computers. However, the judge hearing the case found that Samsung did not copy this patent and therefore gives victory to the South Korean company.

The ruling was greeted with joy in Samsung, after just a week ago a California jury forced him to compensate Apple with 1,049 million dollars. Following the news, shares of South Korea have begun to rise again and Apple representatives in the country have refused to comment.

After hearing the judge's decision, Samsung sent the following statement:

"We welcome the court's decision, which confirms our strong position that our products do not infringe the intellectual property of Apple"

Still, Samsung still has ahead a tough legal battle with Apple.

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Source- Telegraph