Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rumor: Apple will use a new film to cover the iPad Mini

By this summer, almost everyone is convinced that within a couple of months Apple will launch a smaller version of its tablet. This 7.85-inch device will be almost as thin as the iPod Touch, and should perhaps be named something like iPad Mini .

However, in recent months the influx of rumors about the iPhone 5 has eclipsed this mysterious new member of the family iPad. Of course, until Apple made ​​no official announcement, all this remains in the limbo of the information, but we must not stop to pay attention.

Well, today we learned that the iPad Mini will be the first Apple device to cover your screen with a new layer of ITO (Indium-Tin-Oxide), an electrically conductive substance that reduces noise and interference.

apple pelicula cubrir ipad mini1 Rumor: Apple Usará una Nueva Película para Cubrir el iPad Mini

This technology is the owner of the Taiwanese Efun Technology, which have seen their benefits bent in recent years. Furthermore, according to various sources its growth is not going to only increase thanks to interest from Apple and its hypothetical iPad Mini.

What benefits this can bring to users? For starters, the transmit chip WiFi and LTE will have less stress to contend with interference, as the new material reduces them. This may reverse in lower battery consumption, extending the life between charges of our device.

In any case, the latest reports suggest that the new iPad Mini will focus on players and students, giving them a device 200 to $ 300 with a good battery life and high power. Will we have any questions on 12 September?

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