Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rovio has a new trailer: 'Bad Piggies'

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I overtook in News iPhone a little over a month: Rovio will surprise us this year with a new title in which you will turn the tables to 'Angry Birds'. According to several sources close to the Finnish company at the end of this year we would have a game in which the players are hungry pigs. Therefore, our mission is to attack the 'angry birds'.

The trailer, dubbed 'Bad Piggies' and released today by Rovio, us confirm our suspicions and we can even venture that the project will be released sooner than we think. In this video, a little more than 30 seconds long, it provides little information, but according to the leaks, the slingshot would remain an important element in this issue with the 'bad piggies'.

Will there be radical change scenarios and also part of the gameplay?

More information- comes a new female character to 'Angry Birds Seasons'

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