Thursday, August 30, 2012

Resale prices of Samsung in freefall

samsung segunda mano Los precios de segunda mano de Samsung en caĆ­da libre

Things are looking bad for Samsung ...

We knew that the war between Samsung and Apple eventually have consequences, but we would never have imagined that these consequences reached the second hand market.

Gazelle, is a popular retailer in the U.S.. After the jury verdict in the case of Apple and Samsung , have detected a sharp increase in ad sales of Samsung devices around 50%. This increased availability of devices of the second hand has caused the sale price of about 10% lower.

The report reads that experts predict a sharp drop in sales prices, even higher than that registered so far. According to these experts, the reason could not be other than the uncertain future of Android updates for these devices, because Apple's victory in court.

To give an example, the distributor NextWorth is offering the Samsung Galaxy SII for $ 90.01, while equivalent might say, in Apple, the iPhone 4 will sell for $ 175. The price difference is quite remarkable, but it is also important to mention that Apple devices have always held their value better than other brands (Samsung in this case) in the second hand market.

No doubt this is one of the first effects of the verdict that the jury returned the other day. It would not be surprising to see other effects, but for that we still have to wait a little longer.

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