Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pocketory: organizes and manages your collection

Pocketory application is ideal for those who want to have controlled your collections, knowing at all times what you have and its characteristics.

Under the creation of different "Pockets" computer can our movie collections, comics, games, cars or stamps, whatever you want, with pictures and text you want, and then use search to find them by title or property.

Within each of the categories that we believe we can add new products in different ways, such as directly using a photo or a bar code. From there, we'll add title, picture and different features or notes you want (and can re use templates created with new products).

Cooperatives can create lists for different users to control and directly create PDF's or posting online.

The best thing is that the app syncs with the web page of the service, making us see all our collections via the web .

Until September 1 is free, so it's worth Seize. In our case comes to organizing great comics that we, being able to search by title to find out what we have and what not.


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