Thursday, August 30, 2012

New update that encrypts messages WhatsApp

So far, WhatsApp allowed us to send messages, share pictures and videos, record and send audio sounds, create us a custom profile ... But what happened with all that information? That was not encrypted, and therefore, when we used to connect to a Wi-Fi open, some curious could read our messages through WhatsAppSniffer, a computer program that allowed access to all our conversations.

Luckily, now all that information WhatsApp reinforces this new version 2.8.3, and information that remains fully encrypted and unreadable. But the news of this latest version does not end there.

  • It automatically downloaded the images received in the conversation
  • Displays the names of everyone in the group discussions (to identify all members, although not on the agendas of all)
  • It provides the option of forwarding messages: you can forward a message to one person both as a whole group
  • It shows a small clock gray to indicate that the message takes sent (instead of going round the former rotate until shipped)
  • New languages ​​are added to the application as Chinese, Korean and other

Without doubt, the perfect version for all those who care about the security of their messages and want more amenities.


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