Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Motorola Sues Apple for Patent Infringement Seven

In recent weeks we have been aware of the patent war between Apple and Samsung. The thing has come to court and take the whole month of August presenting evidence, testimony and arguing their positions to see who wins.

Well, amid all this hubbub has appeared a new actor. This is the new division of Motorola in Google, which has sued Apple for patent infringement. The papers were presented at the International Trade Commission of the United States yesterday afternoon.

Specifically, Motorola claims that Apple has violated seven patents with its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and even the Mac Bloomberg details that the patents in question involve aspects as diverse as virtual assistant Siri, the location-based reminders , email notifications via push, and playback of multimedia files in iPhone.

motorola demanda apple infringir patentes Motorola Demanda a Apple por Infringir Siete Patentes

We recall that earlier this year, demand for Apple over four patents Motorola was dismissed. Suspiciously, the counterattack comes just as the subject of legal fight between Apple company and the Koreans from Samsung is more hot.

The truth is that we know very well what consequences this will have for the user. Many fear that we may all end up with restrictions and cuts power terminals.

However, we have to wait until next week for the jury begins to deliberate. Hopefully everything will be resolved in an amicable settlement with the occasional financial compensation from any of the actors. This will concentrate all their efforts on creating new devices to the enjoyment of the users.

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