Wednesday, August 22, 2012

IPhone 5? Reflex? Great ad, humorously, the iPhone 5

iphone 5 humor ¿iPhone 5 Reflex? Genial anuncio, en clave de humor, del iPhone 5

To be honest, I can say without fear that the phone function of my iPhone is one of the least use to give. Sure that the same will happen to many of you. The device is perfect for performing other tasks. Either send an email, keep in touch with friends through social networks, send an SMS, etc, etc ... But perhaps the most section where the iPhone has succeeded is in the picture.

The iPhone 4 has proven to be an interesting option for shooting fast, even with some applications can be converted into a slightly more powerful camera with some advanced features. Now that the iPhone 5 is just around the corner, it is rumored that the camera could offer even greater quality.

Combining these two features of the iPhone, the visual artist Adam Sacks has created a parody of a possible announcement of the iPhone 5 . In his parody, Apple decided to remove all of the iPhone features except the camera functions. Also has improved this feature to turn the iPhone 5 in a DSLR, while retaining the name. The result is quite nice and you can see in the video you'll find below:

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