Thursday, August 30, 2012

Improving technology AirPlay

Not everything will be remarkable developments in the next Keynote, which say they know they will be on September 12, between those little great innovations that will rumored update is AirPlay technology. The story begins with thousands of devices that no longer serve the supposed change of dock, this would generate too many useless technologies speakers from this year, as it would change at all iDivices.

But Apple rarely gives a false step, and this is where AirPlay AirPlay Direct 2.0, this technology will allow us to create our own network from our iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch that is, no longer need to have a wireless network to to launch the audio from our devices, now just throw it directly to the device.

It should be clear that this is a rumor of many, and many question that already exists for that bluethoot but interesting that this technology would also work with the Apple TV or iTV future and you do not have the need for a wireless network to see your content launched from your iDivices.

Finally, and as always I stress, I do not believe anything until you submit in your respective Keynote = D going to do with Uncle Tim surprising

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