Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Imagine what could be the iPad Mini

It seems that we are closer than ever to know what will be the iPad Mini. The latest rumors point to launch the "One More Thing" keynote of the alleged September 12th . Today we will do an exercise in imagination, trying to realize how to be the next Apple tablet.

imaginando como seria ipad mini 3 Imaginemos cómo podría ser el iPad Mini

We know for sure that the apple company has been experimenting with a prototype of iPad Mini for years. However, in March of this year began gossiping about who had finally decided to take it to market, spurred by the success of the competition in this segment.

The starting price would be between 200 and $ 250, and would be designed to attract the attention of students and gamers, who can not spend the nearly $ 500 from the big brother of the family.

imaginando como seria ipad mini 2 Imaginemos cómo podría ser el iPad Mini

The size at which all sources agree is 7.85 inches. The truth is that, apart from the size, appearance would not change much for which we know with 9.7 inches. This would make all iOS users could adapt perfectly to the interface without any delay.

It will be easy to hold with one hand, then probably weighs less than half a kilo and is still thinner iPod Touch style. Would be more reasonable resolution of 1024 × 768, so you can use the hundreds of thousands of applications available for iPad to its native resolution. In this way, the pixel density of 163 ppi would be a value not too high as to call Retinal Display.

imaginando como seria ipad mini 1 Imaginemos cómo podría ser el iPad Mini

However, recent rumors claim that, by now, Apple would not think to get a successful device without the Retina Display technology. You can make an effort and put the resolution of the new iPad, which goes up to 2048 × 1536 pixels. However, it looks like it can not be done with a reduced price, so it is reasonable to stay with the low resolution to keep the price.

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