Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Humor: The new iPhone 5, redesigned to take pictures of what we eat

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Lately it is producing a new phenomenon in social networks - especially in Instagram, in which users do not stop posting pictures of what they are eating. And this is precisely where the idea behind the new parody dedicated the next iPhone: "We know that everyone uses the iPhone to take pictures of their food, so we redesigned the new iPhone".

This iPhone presented by "a vice president of Apple" is intended only to shoot high quality of our dishes. But that's not all, Siri also has a role in this particular iPhone and handles add, automatically, to snapshots stupid comments. An iPhone designed to achieve the maximum possible number of "likes, Hearts, +1, Pins, stars, reposts, retweets and retumblers".

We are before "an iPhone to help others think that your life is cool."

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