Wednesday, August 22, 2012

German operator confirms iPhone 5 for September

iphone 5 confirmado operador aleman Operador alemán confirma iPhone 5 para septiembre

Will iPhone 5 in September or not?

At this point, it seems pretty clear that September was the month chosen by Apple for the announcement and launch of the iPhone 5 . No official information on the possible launch, but every day new sources are added to confirm the rumor launch, so it is logical to give some credibility.

If a few hours ago was Verizon who confirmed the launch for next September 21, we must now move to Europe to read the confirmation by the German operator Mobilecom Debitel. The operator has been sending a statement to its subscribers informed of the arrival of the new iPhone 5 at its stores during the month of September.

It is not possible to know if the operator has first-hand information, or if it has simply been carried away by rumors that flood the Internet. Apple does not usually advance about their plans, even to their dealers and if it is logical that there would be some kind of confidentiality agreement. Something that, taking into account statements sent by mail Debitel Mobilecom not seem to exist.

Considering the countless rumors and confirmations by different sources, it seems that everything is clear. We will have a launch event on September 12 and finally the new iPhone 5 will hit stores in the first wave of countries on the 21st of the same month Did Apple will end up confirming these dates? The wait will not be very long, there are only 21 days to Sept. 12.

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