Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Component leaked photos of iPad Mini and iPhone 5

This summer, the stars are still the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. And that even these small wonders have been neither announced by Apple. However, the forums are still working tirelessly to bring the latest information about the new generation of smartphones and tablet.

Specifically, today we bring some alleged leaked photos of some components inside the iPad Mini and iPhone 5. IResQ have been posted by a repair shop based in Kansas.

fotos ipad mini iphone 5 Fotos Filtradas de los Componentes del iPad Mini y el iPhone 5

As you can see in the picture above, on the right we have the components of the new Apple smartphone, and left the little brother of the alleged family apple tablets. Each comes in white and black, which collides with the parties fairly current models of new iPad and iPhone 4, which are metallic.

The authors discuss the components that are long, but so far have decided not to publish the photos to share with other fans. In particular, they can be seen in the 8-pin dock connector, and the part where you insert the headphone jack.

fotos ipad mini iphone 5 2 Fotos Filtradas de los Componentes del iPad Mini y el iPhone 5

It is seen that both connectors are pretty tight, which suggests that the headphone jack will be with the new 8-pin connector on the bottom of the device. We recall that this reduction in the number of pins confirms earlier rumors.

Do not know about you, but to me it seems quite reliable photos. Of course, there is no way to confirm its authenticity, but it seems that in less than a month we will leave doubts.

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