Wednesday, August 22, 2012

As expected, Apple and Samsung do not agree

 Tal y como se esperaba, Apple y Samsung no llegan a un acuerdo

Too positive showed Judge Lucy Koh - investigating the case of 'Apple vs. Samsung '- to believe that the two companies could reach an agreement before the end of jury deliberation. This was the last attempt by the two parties for resolving the case of patents. The legal teams involved agreed to the request of the judge, as the jury's final decision may hurt both companies.

For this reason, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) and Kwon Oh Hyun (CEO of Samsung) yesterday returned to open a telephone conversation in order to end this matter once and for all. But as expected, failed to reach any agreement. This was announced this morning one of Samsung's lawyers in court. It was very difficult for Apple and Samsung reached an agreement last minute after having been addressing this issue for years.

Thus, the matter is left to the jury.

More information- negotiate Tim Cook CEO today with Samsung

Source- Reuters

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