Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Apple suggests using iMessage for SMS Avoid Problems

A few days ago jumped alarms among iOS users, because nobody likes to know about a vulnerability in the operating system of your smartphone. It is known that the hacker pod2g had warned of a vulnerability in the SMS service.

Specifically, the problem occurred in the beta version 4 of iOS in June , but that does not mean that in previous versions of the operating system does not happen. Moreover, according to The Loop, the problem is not the iPhone but is due to a failure of the SMS protocol, present in all mobile phones.

The vulnerability allow a user to impersonate another. Specifically, Apple's note reads:

Apple takes security very seriously. When using iMessage instead of SMS, addresses are verified so that the user is protected from attacks by spoofing or phishing.

apple recomienda imessage sms Apple Sugiere usar iMessage para Evitar los Problemas del SMS

In addition, those responsible for the apple company added:

One of the limitations is that it allows SMS messages to be sent to different identities to any phone, so we recommend users to be extremely cautious if they see something strange in the messages that reach them.

And that's it. As you have found, the problem is the protocol governing the operation of traditional text messages, so it is common to all phones. Everything is reduced to using iMessage, if it were not that way we can communicate with those friends or relatives who do not have an iPhone.

Had you heard of this vulnerability? You will wear? IMessage from now to make sure they do not have problems?

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