Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Apple and Samsung did not agree

Tim Cook Choi Gee Sung Apple y Samsung no llegan a un acuerdo

Before Apple started an endless legal battle with Samsung, the same Steve Jobs tried to mediate to avoid conflicts with both companies. But Samsung did not give in and from there began a long history of claims in courts around the world. Apple accused of plagiarizing Samsung designs their iPhones and iPads and Samsung accusing Apple of infringing its patents.

Finally, the presidents of both companies, Tim Cook, Apple's, and Choi Gee-sung-by-Samsung, met in California to try to end their disputes. And with courts or through the issue has turned out well. Each company maintains its position and will not budge.

If in future approaches companies are still not reach an agreement, the international legal battle will continue just as alive as before.

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Source- CNET

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