Wednesday, August 22, 2012

An iPad Mini Design Based on the leaks

And still mulling over the iPad Mini. The latest rumors suggest that the next tablet from Apple will look quite a big iPod Touch. While this may seem surprising, is what he wanted to represent the designer Maurizio Vitale in his final renders.

Interestingly, the following figures are based on the designs leaked in recent months. The height, width, thickness, and screen size are based on the schematics emerged from various websites and forums.

diseño ipad mini filtraciones Un Diseño del iPad Mini Basado en las Filtraciones

This new iPad would compete with smaller tablets that are working so well in the segment of the 200 €. We refer to the BlackBerry PlayBook or Kindle Fire Amazon. Of course, Apple is not willing to lose their piece of cake and all rumors point to launch in the coming months of a smaller iPad.

Moreover, the following figure shows the comparison of this mysterious iPad Mini with a 9.7-inch iPad and an iPhone 4S. In particular, draw attention to its rounded edges and its thinness.

diseño ipad mini filtraciones 2 Un Diseño del iPad Mini Basado en las Filtraciones

In my opinion, a Mini iPad makes sense right now. Looking ahead to the holiday season, could stand as the most desired device among students and among gamers. Many of them can not spend € 500 on a tablet, but half.

The latest rumors are betting that the iPad Mini will be launched on September 12 alongside the iPhone 5. However, its release was delayed a few months, perhaps until November, it is not yet in production. This is the main reason why we have not seen leaked parts of the manufacturing chain.

Do you like the look of this iPad Mini?

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