Thursday, August 30, 2012

A look at the first accessory compatible with the new 9-pin dock

cargador pared iphone 5 Un vistazo al primer accesorio compatible con el nuevo dock de 9 pines

Is it about the 9-pin dock connector?

Many rumors suggest that the next iPhone 5 will feature a dock connector smaller than the current one. At first there was talk about a 19-pin connector, then went to one of 8 or 9. Finally the most widespread belief is that the dock connector which integrates the iPhone 5 will be 9-pin.

This change will be a problem for accessory manufacturers. All that sell accessories with a 30-pin dock connector, as their products will become obsolete. They can still be used with earlier versions to the iPhone 5 and also with iPods, but surely soon see as manufacturers launch revamped versions of its accessories. Versions with a 9-pin dock connector, fully compatible with the iPhone 5 and other Apple products to be incorporating this type of connector.

Some manufacturers may already be working on compatible accessories for this supposed new dock. iLounge has leaked images of which could be the first iPhone 5 accessory company created by Scosche. This is a wall charger for two devices. That is, a charger that will connect to any socket and will give us two outlets for charging two iPhone 5. Also include some caps to support a cable with microUSB connector with the new 9-pin dock.

dock 9 pines iphone 5 Un vistazo al primer accesorio compatible con el nuevo dock de 9 pines

There is no doubt that this change in the dock connector will bring tail. Many accessory manufacturers will be forced to renew their insurance products and many of the accessories that we currently have in our homes end up in the trash because of this change, unless Apple do their homework with the adapter at the time promised .

It is expected that the iPhone 5 is presented in an event next September 12 and at that time will be when we know 100% if Apple really going to make this change in the dock. So far everything is guesswork and rumors, but all sources confirm this change, it seems that there will be no surprise in this regard during the presentation.

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