Friday, August 31, 2012

A developer suggests the existence of iPad Mini

What device is expected? Will the iPhone 5 or the iPad Mini ? If we were to judge by the number of rumors that generates each, would not at all easy to decide for him who lifts more passions. Today we get a new one on the short version of the Apple tablet.

Marco Arment's Instapaper developer, one of the most successful applications in the App Store. On other occasions, has been commissioned to find problems in various aspects of the operating system, so the iOS user community has it in high esteem.

Well, today is back to grab the attention of many to provide some clues to a possible iPad Mini to be available shortly. In a recent post on his blog, Arment commented that he had found while reviewing a curiosity from which devices had entered his famous application.

desarrollador sugiere existencia ipad mini Un desarrollador sugiere la existencia del iPad Mini

These two devices have strange codenamed iPad2, iPad2 5 and 6. He has also appeared an iPhone 5.1, but he said something was sung as the new Apple smartphone will be launched shortly.

For those who do not know, the iPad2, 1, iPad2, 2 and iPad2, 3 models corresponds with WiFi, GSM and CDMA's second generation tablet. For its part, the iPad2, 4 is the code name for the cheapest model of iPad 2 which took in March, after the release of the new iPad.

To avoid unnecessary alarm, the developer warns that this can be accesses by a jailbroken device, from someone who has voluntarily changed the model of your iPad to display those names. However, it also says something strange at this point.

If this were true, would suggest that the iPad Mini is a small iPad 2 with A5 chip, 512 MB ​​of RAM and no screen Retina Display technology. The size would be at 7.85 inches so its price should be pretty tight.

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