Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A clock with Siri to control your iPhone

The virtual assistant Siri has been a gamble by Apple, but it seems to have gone quite well the play. introduce such a technology in the lives of people is not easy, and we are confident that there have been several attempts to do so earlier.

It takes us less than a year and has been widely criticized, and praises copies, but was able to overcome all that and go slowly improving. Now, to reward his constancy, has appeared in a curious Kickstarter initiative we want to echo.

For those who do not know, Kickstarter is a website where someone proposes a project and users decide if it is interesting or not. From there, anyone can invest the money they seem right in it, so that little by little can be realized with the contribution of all.

reloj siri controlar iphone Un Reloj con Siri para Controlar tu iPhone

Well, this time it is a designer watch, which at first glance is quite out of high technology. But if you look at their features, bring a built-in voice system that communicates with your iPhone via Bluetooth, so you can give orders without having to remove it from his pocket.

Technically it is quite simple. Works like one of those wireless headphones that allow voice commands, but this time you take it on the wrist. This way you can always refer you to the relevant information.

It also includes a small display where we can see who calls us, read an SMS or access the calendar events, but not distract from the activity being performed. Do not know about you, but I seem to spot these types of initiatives, so we hope to be successful this new peripheral for Siri.

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