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Screen Shot 2012 08 31 at 4.33.43 PM Apple cierra su web durante unas horas: el nuevo IVA ya está aquí

The calendar since September 1 brand in Spain and that means the arrival of a new economic measure further hurt our pockets: the increase in VAT. We went from 18% to 21% and, how could it be otherwise, Apple products also are hurt by this tax increase.

At 00:00 AM (Iberian Peninsula), makers of the Apple website in Spain closed the section of the online store for the new prices apply to all products listed by the company. In those minutes all we could see was the usual post-it company warning that changes were in store.

The site becomes available for purchase online and is already showing the new prices. As a footnote warns:

"Prices include 18% VAT (21% VAT from September 1, 2012) and exclude shipping, unless otherwise indicated. The order form shows you the VAT on selected products. "

The CEO of Apple and Google dialogue to avoid a legal battle

 Los CEO de Apple y Google dialogan para evitar una batalla legal

Although Google initially subtracted importance to Apple's victory against Samsung in court facing both companies, it seems that from the top management of the search were not so quiet. We recall that Steve Jobs felt that Android was a blatant copy of iOS and that "until your last dollar invest" in destroying the Google operating system.

As reported by the news agency Reuters , Tim Cook and Google CEO Larry Page, are negotiating to avoid a new war of patents. Both managers have held telephone conversations and in the coming weeks and hope to meet in person to discuss the matter face to face. The thing does not look easy for Apple, since, following the acquisition of Motorola by Google, the company has an extensive portfolio of patents to defend against the allegations of the Apple.

Will Google and Apple agree?

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Samsung beats Apple in Japanese courts

photo Samsung gana a Apple en los tribunales japoneses

Japan has been one of the scenarios of recent legal battles between Apple and Samsung. This time, the California company sued Samsung for a patent related to data synchronization between iOS devices and computers. However, the judge hearing the case found that Samsung did not copy this patent and therefore gives victory to the South Korean company.

The ruling was greeted with joy in Samsung, after just a week ago a California jury forced him to compensate Apple with 1,049 million dollars. Following the news, shares of South Korea have begun to rise again and Apple representatives in the country have refused to comment.

After hearing the judge's decision, Samsung sent the following statement:

"We welcome the court's decision, which confirms our strong position that our products do not infringe the intellectual property of Apple"

Still, Samsung still has ahead a tough legal battle with Apple.

More information- These are the devices that Apple wants to ban Samsung in U.S.

Source- Telegraph

Apple tweaked searching the App Store

photo1 Apple retoca las búsquedas en la App Store

In the last hours Apple has surprised us with a redesign that took place in The Hunt App Store. So far this new look is only available to users who have installed a beta of iOS 6.0 on your iOS devices. From now on, when we searched, we obtain the results presented in a clear and simple.

Instead of a list of results appear, we find large boxes that highlight capture applications. The new look appears both on the iPhone, like the iPad and allows us to more easily navigate between results.

This is a big change designed to enable the user to quickly find application you are looking for that. It will also help developers to give more presence to his creations in Apple's online store. It appears that the acquisition of Chomp by Apple is starting to take its first results.

More- Apple buys Chomp to improve navigation on the App Store

A developer suggests the existence of iPad Mini

What device is expected? Will the iPhone 5 or the iPad Mini ? If we were to judge by the number of rumors that generates each, would not at all easy to decide for him who lifts more passions. Today we get a new one on the short version of the Apple tablet.

Marco Arment's Instapaper developer, one of the most successful applications in the App Store. On other occasions, has been commissioned to find problems in various aspects of the operating system, so the iOS user community has it in high esteem.

Well, today is back to grab the attention of many to provide some clues to a possible iPad Mini to be available shortly. In a recent post on his blog, Arment commented that he had found while reviewing a curiosity from which devices had entered his famous application.

desarrollador sugiere existencia ipad mini Un desarrollador sugiere la existencia del iPad Mini

These two devices have strange codenamed iPad2, iPad2 5 and 6. He has also appeared an iPhone 5.1, but he said something was sung as the new Apple smartphone will be launched shortly.

For those who do not know, the iPad2, 1, iPad2, 2 and iPad2, 3 models corresponds with WiFi, GSM and CDMA's second generation tablet. For its part, the iPad2, 4 is the code name for the cheapest model of iPad 2 which took in March, after the release of the new iPad.

To avoid unnecessary alarm, the developer warns that this can be accesses by a jailbroken device, from someone who has voluntarily changed the model of your iPad to display those names. However, it also says something strange at this point.

If this were true, would suggest that the iPad Mini is a small iPad 2 with A5 chip, 512 MB ​​of RAM and no screen Retina Display technology. The size would be at 7.85 inches so its price should be pretty tight.

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Trailer for The Walking Dead: The Game Ep. 3

Yesterday we reported on the availability of the second episode of The Walking Dead game, which is now available for download from within the application. If you are enjoying the game as much as we, know that Telltale Games has released the trailer for the third episode, titled "Long Road Ahead".

In the trailer we can see that we live most dangerous situations in the previous chapter, with the addition that we began to suspect that there is a traitor within our group.

We can not recommend you stop the game, which, as you know, is in English and we have to have some knowledge of the language, because you have to make decisions in a short time in the talks, which will have implications for the development of adventure.

The Walking Dead

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The App Store is updated to iOS 6 output

Yesterday afternoon could be seen some amazing changes in the beta version of iOS 6. Those who have embraced the Apple developer program, watched by surprise as one of the most important applications of the operating system changes showed succulent.

Indeed, the App Store for iPad and iPhone has introduced some new features. For starters, the screen displays search results and cards that can scroll left and right. To browse them, see Android along with his photograph and the average score of users.

app store actualiza salida ios 6 1 La App Store se actualiza para la salida de iOS 6

Another novelty is the inclusion of the Genius recommendation system that handles applications that might suggest some interest us. Moreover, section and downloaded apps have a greater presence in this version. Thus we have controlled all once installed on our devices.

Finally, podcasts are back to the iTunes Store. When we click on the link in one of the files, opens the new application from Apple that managed, so we should have it installed.

app store actualiza salida ios 6 2 La App Store se actualiza para la salida de iOS 6

All these functions we discussed were available in iOS 5, but Apple has taken care to give much more visibility so that users do not have problems to find and use.

Here's a video which details the changes look and functionality of the new App Store with iOS 6 .

Recall that as recently as a couple of months appeared the new Apple operating system, although its release is not expected until fall. Chances are that the launch of the iPhone 5 in a few weeks to give us more information about the company's plans for the Apple iOS 6.

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