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Possible renewal of the new iPhone for November

ipad liderar cambio educativo 17 Posible renovación del nuevo iPad para Noviembre

This morning we talked about the possible launch of the new iPhone and iPad mini end of September . Now, iLounge, offers new details about it and add new rumors.

On the one hand, confirm that the iPhone 5 will be released in late September. Come accompanied by two new new covers, like the current one bumper but adapted to the new model, and one that adds additional features such as a support to hold the iPhone.

They also confirm the launch of the new generation of iPod nano and iPod Touch.

However, from iLounge, contrary to what we saw this morning, indicate that the release of iPad is 7.85 inches in November, just in time for the Christmas season. They also report that Apple is working on Mini Mini Smart Smart Cases and Covers to accompany the launch of the iPhone Mini .

And finally, and this is really controversial, iLounge says that Apple is preparing an updated iPhone with a 9.7-inch thin design and 19-pin dock connector. Recall that the new iPhone was launched just six months ago. The rumors come from IGZO:

"Apple's current plan for the fourth-generation iPhone is to present a model with a body re-adjusted to maintain the present form but would introduce the new smaller dock connector, a microphone on the rear side and a redesign inside to dissipate heat better. The rear microphone could help in canceling noise or improve audio quality while recording video. Apparently the same as one that will incorporate the iPhone 5, located between the camera and flash. The prototype also incorporates mini iPad. "

As we always say, are just rumors. But the truth is I do not think buyers will make an iPad today very much, because with only 6 months would have a device "outdated".

What do you think? Do you think Apple will introduce a 9.7-inch iPad finest?

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The Tablet Microsoft Surface arrives October 26

Microsoft revealed yesterday that the upcoming October 26 release their anticipated new operating system, Windows 8. But also, last but not least, that day will be released the Surface tablet, which many say is destined to lead the competence of the iPad .

We recall that the Microsoft Tablet was announced a month and a half. The truth is that the Redmond company has taken the time to enter this market, unlike on Android competition. It is perhaps for this reason that we should pay particular attention to Surface, but it brings ideas revolucionaras matured over the years.

However, this fall is also rumored to be leaving the iPad Mini , the desired tablet of 7.85 inches of Apple. And also other tablets by Samsung, Amazon and other manufacturers based on Android. Can you imagine the sales will be between all facing the Christmas market?

surface saldra 26 octubre El Tablet Surface de Microsoft Llega el 26 de Octubre

For those who do not know, Surface is a high performance device that will come in two forms. The first will be a tablet as we know, sets out to the IPAD competition. The second option is the same as a notebook with a touchscreen, and is intended for the professional sector, thanks to its built-in keyboard.

Both models incorporated will Windows 8, an operating system designed from scratch to provide intuitive experiences on any device, automatically adapting to the screen and interface.

You will not know how the move to Microsoft, but have high hopes for Surface and its new operating system. For now look good, but we'll see how the market accepts the new actor on the stage of the tablet.

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What the jury will see in the Apple-Samsung Trial

The trial has already begun between the two superpowers Apple and Samsung, to determine who was the first to copy what. The dispute is taking place in the district court in San Jose, northern California.

It will cover topics such as claims for patent infringement and copying designs. Some of the lines affected devices are smartphones and tablets Galaxy, the iPhone and the iPad .

Well, amid all the fuss has been made public reams of documents with older designs, prototypes and patents unfinished intermediate. Apparently, Samsung wants 2.4% of sales of Apple for the use of mobile technologies that Koreans developed in the 90's. On the other hand, Apple is willing to offer a small amount of their profits, but instead requires 2,500 million dollars to Samsung for damages.

jurado vera juicio apple samsung 1 Lo Que el Jurado Verá en el Juicio Apple Samsung

We can then imagine what Apple teach the jury to justify the Koreans copied their designs. This picture is quite explicit. According to Apple, this trial has occurred because Samsung deliberately copied the design of the original iPhone.

jurado vera juicio apple samsung 2 Lo Que el Jurado Verá en el Juicio Apple Samsung

On the other hand, we can also imagine what Samsung teach to justify that there is no copy. Both pictures are from reports presented at trial by each company. According to the Koreans, Apple tries to stifle competitors to monopolize the market of smartphones and tablets.

jurado vera juicio apple samsung 3 Lo Que el Jurado Verá en el Juicio Apple Samsung

How does this end? No one knows. What is certain is that during the trial will have access to much information so far revealed about the history of IOS devices. We look forward to whatever arises in the coming days.

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Maximization: launch any application in full screen (Cydia)

maximization Maximization: abre cualquier aplicación a pantalla completa (Cydia)

Maximization With all applications you can run full screen, ie without displaying the status bar (as in the picture above, that despite being in Settings is not the bar), this already happens with some applications, included Most games.

You can make all applications work this way, full screen, or only be those that you choose by selecting it from the settings of your device. The oddest thing about the app is that you can still see the time and the percentage of baterí to, as you display them on the tab that appears at the top of the screen when you slide to display the notification center.

You can download it for free on Cydia, you'll find in the BigBoss repo. You need to have jailbroken your device.

More - HomeCourts: adds a menu to quickly call, send SMS, email, Bluetooth enabled, etc.. (Cydia)

Source - IDB

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Samsung sent $ 60 to an Apple engineer to testify

iphone sony Samsung le envió 60 dólares a un ingeniero de Apple para testificar

Last week we discovered that Apple Shin Nishibori commissioned to build a mockup of an iPhone with a design similar to one created by Sony. The model of Nishibori has become a hot topic on Apple's judgment against Samsung, because Samsung is hoping to use it as evidence that Apple copied Sony .

The court recently dismissed the images to present a prototype Apple earlier , as we have seen, but Samsung wanted Mr. Nishibori it took the stage. Although Shin Nishibori longer works for Apple and now lives in Hawaii, Samsung hoped to cite him to testify against Apple. How to convince thought it? With a check for $ 60.

Along with the summons that was sent to Shin Nishibori enclosing a check for $ 60 to cover travel expenses. Maybe Samsung has not checked the prices of flights between Hawaii and San Jose lately, but a round trip ticket costs much more than $ 60. Another possibility is that Samsung knew that the summons would not be served by Nishibori, but wanted to give the impression of having made ​​an effort.

Nishibori's attorney returned the summons to court in San Jose Koh, claiming that the summons was not properly notified, and that Mr. Nishibori is trying to recover from various health problems. Here's the full letter in case you are curious:

citacion nishibori Samsung le envió 60 dólares a un ingeniero de Apple para testificar

Samsung showed off course, do not you think?

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Gmail for IOS is upgraded and now can save attached images

Google has updated its official Gmail client for IOS. Still no presence of Sparrow's team has participated in this version but we will certainly help in a major upgrade that could appear during the coming months.

Meanwhile, the new version of Gmail for IOS improves performance and allows you to save images that are attached in the emails you send us, for that you have to do a long press on it and display the corresponding menu to store in memory the device.

Gradually, the Gmail client for IOS acquires characteristics that equip their competitors but still a long way to go. Hopefully Sparrow acquisition to accelerate the process and that as a result of an application up to what I usually do Google.

You can download the new IOS version of Gmail by clicking the link below:

422689480 Gmail para iOS se actualiza y ahora permite guardar imágenes adjuntas Gmail
Developer: Google, Inc.
Price: free (Download application)

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Build your own dinosaur park with Jurassic Park Builder

Did you ever imagine having a theme park? If you did not have enough to Theme Park, Ludia Inc. brings the ability to control our own park, whose main attractions are not attractive, but dinosaurs!

And is that Jurassic Park Builder will have the ability to recreate a real park like it was never open in the Spielberg film.

We build different cages for our carnivorous dinosaurs like the T-Rex or the fearsome velociraptors.

During the game, we will have to make money with the visit of tourists, making maintenance and feed our dinosaurs so that they grow big and strong.

But beware! Also have to have high security measures to prevent our visitors from becoming food for our carnivorous dinosaurs, as they try to escape.

Jurassic Park Builder is free and universal, but so far only available in the U.S. store, so if you have got an account, you can start feeding your baby T-Rex.

As we know the game is available in our store Spanish, I'll let you know.

Jurassic Park Builder

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