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Apple wants the domain

 Apple quiere el dominio

Apple wants the domain

With the launch of the " new iPhone "Apple stopped using numbers to distinguish between generations of iPhone, a practice that surely we will see in the sixth generation of the iPhone (it is very likely that the name chosen is" new iPhone ").

Still, Apple has decided, according to a news website launched by the Domain Name Wire , suing the owners of the domain at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The domain was registered in January 2010 and now owned by a company called Global Access. Not the first time that this company does something, and lost some lawsuits against big companies like AllState, AOL and MasterCard. Currently the domain is "parked" and does not work, but apparently, previously used for a web site full of advertising.

What will happen when they come out new versions of the iPhone ? Apparently all domains iPad #. Com to have already been registered. But, interestingly, Apple has not domain.

The purpose of this is, of course, prevent "cybersquatting" and redirect the traffic from these domains to the corresponding sections of the home page of Apple.

If you want an example of what I speak, try to visit Now come into, you see the difference?

Does this affect the brand image of Apple? Like many other companies, Apple fights tooth and nail for domain names containing any variant of the names of their products. This is done by registering themselves every domain, and if they have not arrived in time, making the complaint to the agency for brand protection or WIPO.

As examples I can cite you filed a complaint that Apple regain control (which won) and another with a Polish forced to relinquish ownership of the domain The latter is not the only case of domains with "typos" with which Apple has had to deal.

Interestingly, the Cupertino have been applied and have already applied for top-level domain. Apple, so we may soon see sites like "" or "", although it is likely that this domain is left alone to internal company use. However, a domain like this is much more complicated than you take it. For example, Apple has paid $ 185,000 to have this domain. To see who is ready to pay this and then you try to buy it at a higher amount ...

It is clear that the name is very important for a company.

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iPhone OS 6.0 offers the option to customize the vibrations

vibracion iOS 6.0 ofrece la opción de personalizar las vibraciones

We discover new things in the beta 2 of iPhone OS 6.0. In this case it is an option to customize vibration when someone calls or writes a message, for example. From iOS 6.0 we can choose between different types of vibration or create a custom pattern.

In total we have six models of vibration standards: alert (default), heartbeat, fast, symphony, SOS and staccato. Under "Custom" we can create a custom vibration: for a few seconds we will ask you to press on the iPhone screen to generate vibrations. Then we can keep our model and use it.

This new option is located within the application Settings - Sounds, under "Sounds and vibration sequences." From there we can customize a different pattern of vibration in the ring tone, message tone, voice mail, incoming mail, sent mail, Twitter, Facebook, calendar alerts and reminders alert. This way we can identify in each case what kind of notice we receive without having to look at the iPhone screen.

nueva vibracion iOS 6.0 ofrece la opción de personalizar las vibraciones

What do you think this new option?

More- New in iPhone OS 6.0 beta 2

Will we see 7-inch iPad Mini Fall?

 ¿Veremos iPad Mini de 7 pulgadas en Otoño?

We'll see you finally iPad Mini 7 inches in Autumn?

Following on from the previous entry on the survey conducted by Raymond James, and due to launch by Google of the Nexus 7 by 7 inches betting, it is inevitable to go back out to the fore the rumors of the possible launch of an iPad Mini .

Has long been rumored, mostly from AppleInsider, the Cupertino that are working on a 7-inch iPad. But we shall see one day?

The last report on this subject comes from Andy Hargreaves, an analyst at Pacific Crest, a band dedicated to finance technology projects. The analyst told investors that they believed that Apple is planning to introduce a 7.85-inch iPad fall. This is what Andy said to his investors:

"We anticipate the launch of an iPhone of 7.85 inches and 8GB of memory at a price of $ 299, with an initial gross margin of 31%. It is estimated that Apple will sell 10 million iPads 7.85 inches in the first quarter on sales (to December 2012) and 35.2 million in 2013. Based on the size of components makers, we believe our estimates of iPad Mini units are correct and within the productive capacity of Apple. "

I do not know if it was a rumor or just a market study of the thousands that are made ​​and then not take any "port", but the truth is that the launch of a possible iPad Mini at that price just before the holidays Christmas could mean HUGE revenue for Apple and a market share even more comprehensive it already has with the iPhone today.

We have already seen in the survey of a previous post that for most potential buyers would not stand the 100 € of difference to decide between an iPad Mini or a Nexus 7 , yet the survey only covers a small group of potential buyers. In the market "real" those 100 € if you could make a loss of customers to Apple. Although stop be fair, Google is losing money on each tablet sold, and that's not Apple's style, so I doubt the price go down more.

If we leave aside a little competition, is it worth to pay 300 € for a 7-inch Tablet? Are only 200 € less than the new iPad Retina screen and only 100 € less than the iPad 2 which, remember, has not been recalled.

We must not forget either the iPod Touch. And you will say, what the iPod has to do with this? It's simple. Another rumor for some time these indicate the possible updating of the iPod Touch with the release of a model with 4-5 inches screen, like the new iPhone. Apple may create a 5-inch iPod Touch and iPhone forget the Mini. Or you could think otherwise, maybe throw the event of 7.85 inch Mini iPhone and iPod Touch discarded.

However, it appears that in the fall not only showcase the new iPhone 5 . What other new products will we see? Time will tell.

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Rovio publishes an Amazing Alex trailer, available in July

Rovio Entertainment, developer of the famous Angry Birds, has released a new trailer will be their new game: Amazing Alex.

The game, which will be available during the month of July, will put us in the shoes of Alex, where we will interact with objects in string to overcome different puzzle levels that we will find.

Rovio has promised to be available initially with 100 levels, 35 interactive objects, constantly updates and the ability to create and share puzzles with friends.

Not yet know the price of the game, which Rovio aims to achieve another success like Angry Birds, so we'll have to wait for imminent launch out for sure.


Page web .

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Google may block the sale of iPhones and U.S. Cases

 Google podría bloquear la venta de iPhones y iPads en Estados Unidos

The U.S. Agency for International Trade Commission announced this week that will review an application for Google against Apple in which the company claims that Apple has violated several patents related to search engine on their devices 3G IOS. Google claimed that Apple infringed four of its patents and in April this year a judge ruled in favor of Google saying that Apple violated at least one of these patents.

The International Trade Commission is already examining the case and set up discussions with counsel for both parties. If it is finally given the right to Google, it would have the power to block sales of iPhones and Cases in the U.S. and Asia, causing great harm to the benefits that Apple generates from the sale of these devices.

Google has great power at this time following the purchase of Motorola, which claimed more than 18,000 patents. The next August will be the first open session of the International Trade Commission, which will discuss this case.

Source- Business Week

Users prefer an iPad Mini Tablet 300 € to any Google or Amazon than 200 €

 Los usuarios Prefieren un iPad Mini de 300€ a cualquier Tablet Google o Amazon de 200€

Users prefer an iPad Mini Tablet 300 € to any Google or Amazon than 200 €

The announcement of Nexus 7 by Google may have an unexpected side effect: it could serve as Apple's market study this type of tablet. Raymond James analyst Tavis McCourt, has conducted a survey among a group of consumers, consulting with a Tablet would be more interested. In the picture that heads the entry you can see the result, not good for Google and Nexus 7.

The survey asked users whether they would prefer a 7-inch iPad course at a cost of 300 €, or an Android Tablet at a cost of 200 €. 26.1% said they would buy before iPad Mini Android Tablet that, despite being 100 euros more expensive. Moreover, only 8.5% would buy a Tablet with Android.

Another interesting fact that emerges from this survey is that 34.4% would not be interested in purchasing any Tablet. You may have a health as good tablet market as it looked.

It is also noteworthy that 22.9% of respondents believe that the ideal size for a tablet is 10 inches. It seems that I am not alone in this J.

Conduct a survey and taking into account that the alleged iPad mini does not even exist may not matter too much. What is clear is that consumers have choices and we like to choose what best suits our needs.

It seems that the first reactions and analysis of the Nexus 7 are still very positive. Those who have tested indicate that the device has a solid appearance and a functional capacity relative to its size and price. But of course, is not for sale yet, so far we only know what they could tell journalists or media that have been analyzed.

You can make pre-booking of the Nexus 7 and is expected to be mid-July to begin delivering the first units, so we'll soon know if the public accepts or goes unnoticed like many other tablet with Android.

Personally I still think the perfect size for a tablet is 9.7 to 10 inches.

However, we re-open the debate, do you think that seeing this information Apple should seriously consider (if not already doing so) the release a Mini iPad? Depending on the use you give to your iPhone , it was something preferiríais smaller?

I invite you to leave your opinion as a comment.

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Apple will improve in future AutoCorrect Text IOS

We already know that Apple is constantly improving hardware and software features of their devices. iOS 6 has just been announced, not available until after the summer and we're already hearing rumors about possible improvements in future releases.

There have been three applications for patents in the Patent and Trademark Office United States. These documents are to think of possible improvements in the automatic fix to writing with all apps that use the keyboard.

apple mejora autocorreccion ipad Apple Mejorará la Autocorrección de Textos en futuros iOS

The first patent describes the process of writing and speaking about the times and breaks it takes the user to write useful information to decide if it is wrong or not. The system is adapted to the speed of users not to act in the same way for all.

The second patent talks about how the system comes to understand what is being written in order to make a decision based on semantics. These decisions are based on statistical language modeling.

The third patent is similar to the second, and addresses issues Trackers with the statistical analysis of words, letters, punctuation, accents and syllables. There is even talk of the possibility that the iPhone is connected to the Internet for similar texts and make the best decision.

Sounds good, right?

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