Thursday, May 31, 2012

Win Big Soccer: Free football game based on trading cards

Win Big Soccer is a football game based on letters, which have to create our custom equipment. Just start, we will receive an envelope with several players and letters of impact, which will allow for basic equipment.

According to compete to win and let's start in several tournaments, we will be leveling up and earning more money we will buy new envelopes, each with several letters at random, players, kits, letters of impact, enhancers, etc..

Of course we can use real money to get special envelopes with specific elements and better.

At the time of play (always online, with friends or strangers) can view the game or jump directly to the result, but always in simulation (we can not take control of the players). Our only option to "intervene" in the patido is using the letters of impact before each game. These cards allow us to improve certain moves, such as corners, penalties or dribbles.

It is pretty entertaining game and you start playing you run the risk of hookups, but we must bear in mind that we have a limited number of games we can play at a time, so we have to wait for recharging every X minutes go to continue .

It is universal and free, so if you like football and be the managers of a team, do not hesitate to try it on your device.

Big Soccer Win

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  1. I love going to football games and football parties! Just not a fan of actually watching the game, haha
    England has quite a squad of fine Football players this year