Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Facebook is attracting engineers from Apple to make its own smartphone

mark zuckerberg iphone Facebook está captando a ingenieros de Apple para fabricar su propio smartphone

According to the newspaper New York Times , Facebook is turning to one of the most typical techniques in the technology industry to build its own smartphone: recruit engineers from the competition. A process that the social network appears to have begun already and its main objectives are still the hardware and software engineers in charge of making the iPhone.

In fact, the publication New York Times goes further and says that the Facebook team recruiting and has managed to capture half a dozen Apple engineers who have worked in the past in the development of the iPhone and the iPad.

We have enough time listening to rumors that Facebook would launch its own smartphone, but so far not been provided specific data as those set out in the Daily News.

Even Mark Zuckerberg himself would be meeting with some of the Apple engineers to bring their team. We have to wait some time to learn more about Facebook phone.

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