Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Apple WWDC Keynote 2012 Confirmed for June 11

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Apple Keynote Confirmed for June 11

The next June 11 will celebrate Apple WWDC Keynote 2012 at 19.00 h (time of the Iberian Peninsula). Expected, but it's official. Just 13 days left ...

The Verge reports:

Apple has just published the full schedule for WWDC and Along With the News that it will be the keynote on Monday, June 11th. We'll update with More details as we get Them.

The Apple company has announced the Keynote with a press release.

What the Cupertino presented in this Keynote? ¿ iPhone 5 ? ¿ 4 iPad ? IOS ¿6? Perhaps a reduced model of iPad, iPad Mini ...

On 11 June at 19.00 pm we will leave doubts because, as usual, in iPadizate continue and discuss the Keynote live and direct.

We focus on the presentation of the iPhone 5 and 6 iOS ... But of course we are human and can make mistakes.

Apple has released their 2012 WWDC Apps for both iPhone and iPad:

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