Monday, May 28, 2012

The 10 Best iPhone Apps for Photographers

Today we bring you a selection of the best applications for iPhone for fans of photography and graphic design. Some are not well known, but is performing very specific tasks that will give you a good deal of work to master a good photographer.

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AirDisplay lets you use your iPhone as an external display Auxiliary your desktop or laptop. Works on OSX and Windows, and is a great idea to have an extra screen where you see the results of your photo retouching.

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Paper by FiftyThree
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Paper application by FiftyThree is more beautiful than you can imagine to make sketches, drawings and designs freehand. You have different types of layouts for your ideas.

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Process is the best application we can find in the App Store to retouch your photos. Filters and compensation with an intuitive interface.

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Percolator is a nice application to create mosaics from your images. You can also add elements that give a different touch to any photo.

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Plastic Bullet is a simple and effective way to give more drama to your photos. It is full of filters and frames for you to try the one you like.

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Holo Paint is a great idea. We superimposed a text on the screen so you can recreate a holographic form of these high-exposure photos, made in low light.

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Adobe Nav is the ideal companion for Adobe Photoshop CS5. From your tablet you can drag photos to the program, select the Tools palette and more.

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Blurb Mobile lets you create little stories, each consisting of a few pictures to share on your social networks.

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500px is a catalog with some of the best pictures of the world. Check it out because many are really impressive.

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iMotion HD is the most simple and effective way to make stop-motion movies, an ancient technique that is back in fashion.

What do you think of this selection?, Are you interested in photography and utilizais someone not listed here? Comentadla!

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