Thursday, May 31, 2012

More details on the design of the iPhone 5

Has begun : Get ready because in a few days until the official launch of the next model of iPhone, new rumors about what will and what software enhancements will bring the next generation Apple phone will be a whole whirlwind of leaks and speculation.

As I said Sphere on possible first pieces of the iPhone 5, match exactly with the appearance of a flat on the design that would have the front of the phone, as you can see in the image above.

Thus, it appears confirmed that the front camera will occupy the space in which is located in the iPod Touch, as well as reducing the dock connector.

As to the screen, it would of 3.99 inches, becoming long while maintaining the same width as the current models. Can be compared as follows:

The leaks appear gotten quite strong, especially after the appearance of the plans. I just hope that the rear as it is not filtered, since those two colors do not convince a lot.

From 9to5mac say that Apple will release a new application with the introduction of the iPhone or iOS 6. This application would not be the new Maps application, but a new one that is stored in the ink to announce in the coming days.

As we learn more details, we will let you know.

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Rockmate: create a band with your iPhone

Rockmate is a music application for iPhone, allowing us to play different instruments using our 8 arms ... well, or with 3 friends.

Voice recording, 12 types of batteries, 16 keyboards, metronome, mixer, real-time effects, choirs custom export to wav ... Is it the ultimate music app?

We have the same musical abilities that a blind snake, but surely in the hands of someone who knows about music, you can get fancy stuff.

Do any expert in the room?


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Sticky Notes App: sticky notes as icons of IOS

Are you of which I like to leave little notes stuck at home? Would you like to do differently to the typical post-it yellow?

Now you can use Sticky Notes App, a series of 6 different sticky notes with the reasons for several icons of IOS: Notes, Calendar, Clock, Calendar, Mail and Messaging.

You can buy the pack of 6 for $ 18 from this website .

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It seems that the iPhone will be delayed until October 5

When will the next iPhone 5 ? It's the question everyone is now in the world of Apple rumors.

Held Mobile World Congress 2012, we have serious candidates Windows Phone and Android to be the most successful end of the year, and before that Apple should put the batteries if you want to continue to have the world's best selling smartphone.

iphone 5 retrasa octubre

Some analysts have suggested that Apple could launch the iPhone 5 now in June, after WWDC 2012 to do as much damage as possible to commercial Galaxy S III and other wonders that have arisen in recent weeks.

However, with the passage of time seems to have something unusual happened. The vast majority of sources agree that the submission of the next iPhone would be delayed until October 5, a year after the coming-of iPhone 4S .

One of the causes of such delay would be negotiating with Japanese manufacturers to keep you manufacture new screens for the device, fueling rumors of an increase in the screen until beyond 4 inches.

What do you think? Must we wait until October to see the new iPhone?

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Angry Birds HD Space for Upgrading iPad Re: New Planet

angry birds space hd ipad

Angry Birds HD Space for iPad, the latest star Rovio game, Angry Birds , has just received another update to the Apple App Store. Apart from the incredible news that already included the game we now find a new planet that includes 10 new levels.

Angry Birds HD Space for iPhone gets 10 new levels

iWp3gvs9agcgZQCAmKLP6w temp upload.skofqsea.480x480 75

The name of the new planet is UTOPIA, and curiously is very similar to the threads so fond of Homer Simpson ...

angry birds space hd 650x487

Remember that the upgrade is FREE for all who have purchased the game. And believe us, it's worth icon wink Peep, peep

iWp3gvs9agcgZQCAmKLP6w temp upload.skofqsea.480x480 75

In iPadizate | Angry Birds HD and Available Space

All Angry Birds for Apple iPad :

mza 2256061410696585365.480x480 75
mza 3540225905638238190.480x480 75
mzl.dxgkasir.480x480 75
Angry Birds Seasons HD
mzl.zgkctktm.480x480 75
mza 3434881493167250815.480x480 75

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