Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hopper: The shared clipboard between PC and IOS

Hopper is a web service that allows us to share the clipboard between a computer and a device with IOS. This allows us to copy something on the iPhone, and paste it into your laptop, or vice versa.

Its operation is very simple and only need an account to use it.

After creating the account from the device you want to copy, select the text you want and simply paste it in the space provided, either from your computer or device.

Then we just have to go to the device you want to paste the text (of course also works between pc and pc or IOS and IOS) and the text copy, with which we can do whatever we want.

We have several texts stored, and which will be saving the backup history.

In addition, we may share with whoever you want the text, using the direct link that is created in each.

Hopper can access from here .

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