Monday, October 31, 2011

Winners of the 'Pregnancy: Week by Week'

We have a new round of winners of the 'Pregnancy: Week by Week' from which we discussed in the previous podcast on the web. Only you had to answer in the article which was published on Podcast saying you were interested in purchasing the application. 'Pregnancy Week by Week' will allow you to continue your pregnancy week by week, the progress of your body and help you to be ready for the big day.

These are our two winners in iPhone News:

  • Tony ro
  • Silvia Dionis

Thank you very much everyone for participating. This week we have new contests in the season-ending Podcast.

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Apple stores will begin to allow self

Screen Shot 2011 10 31 at 1.16.38 PM Las tiendas de Apple comenzarán a permitir autoservicio

According to the web today collects MacRumors , Apple may be planning an update on the 'Apple Store' to enable its customers to pay for a product of the facilities through our iTunes Store accounts. Just enter & leave the store in record time. This self-service system would save us having to find an employee when we are in the establishment and allow us to pay directly through your iPhone, greatly reducing the waiting time.

In the case of purchase of accessories, the transaction will be instantaneous and we can get our product and go. For iPhones, Macs and other similar products, we also use the application but will require the help of an employee for the configuration of our device.

Apple may be preparing the arrival of Mac IMessage

imessage Apple podría estar preparando la llegada de iMessage en Mac

IMessage is one of the main attractions of the new IOS 5.0, allowing us to send messages absolutely free of charge to other users who have iPhones / iPods or iPads. A tool in the style What's App, but allows us to continue the conversation on any device. However, it still has a lot of ground to conquer: the Mac was rumored for months that Apple could be integrating the tool with iChat instant messaging, which allow us to continue conversations from our Macs and send free messages from your PC to any IOS devices with the latest software version installed.

This week, the rumors point to another direction. And is that Apple may be preparing the arrival of the application itself "IMessage" our Macs. For the time being is not confirmed officially by the Cupertino company but according to rumors say his arrival would be closer than you think and could land in any future updates of Mac operating systems

Source: I'm Mac

Please note if you Siri. It is a wizard that will help you access many features of your phone using the voice but that does not exempt you from the danger of distraction while driving. Mobile phone use while driving is punishable by fines in several countries (including Spain), whether to talk to someone without using hands-free or send text messages, something that is becoming increasingly popular in countries like the United States.

Siri use while driving is not illegal. You can talk to your phone while driving, but the moment you grab with your hands and be risking your safety on the road. Therefore, we recommend to access Siri using Home button and having the phone hooked to the car through an accessory. At no point have to access the mobile Syria about our ears. In the video of Apple could see a man using a headset while driving. The use of headphones while driving is also illegal in many countries.

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Last night American television network ABC broadcast an interview with Bill Gates, Microsoft chairman. At one point the meeting with the journalist who interviewed him, she asked Gates to his opinion about the harsh words that Steve Jobs had led to his rival in the biography that went on sale just a week ago . In the book written by Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs blemish to Gates as a person "p oco imaginative, which has not invented anything and has taken advantage of other people's ideas ".

Bill Gates out of the way in the past saying that Steve Jobs and Jobs worked together and he praised him in more than one occasion. Gates said those words come from the rivalry between his company and Jobs, who on more than one occasion "he was belligerent competition between their products."

You can hear the statements from the minute 6:50:

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Located the battery problem in IOS 5.0

photo Localizado el problema de batería en iOS 5.0

This weekend we gathered the battery consumption problem linked to the new iPhone, the iPhone 4s. However, the problem seemed to lie in the hardware, ie the terminal itself, but rather is linked more to IOS 5.0. The whole problem of poor battery life on devices with IOS 5.0 comes from the location services.

Users who have problems with battery life on their iPhones, they have to turn off automatic clock setting according to the time zone where you are. You can find this option under Settings> General> Date & Time> Set Automatically (disable).

Apple buys C3 Technologies

Seems to confirm one of the strong rumors this summer: the purchase of the company C3 Technologies by Apple. This company is specialized in the 3D virtual maps, which provide impressive results. A purchase will not announced by Apple and that is understandable, since the later the competition to know what you're working in, the better.

For this reason, the company located in Europe continue to play their usual duties, but now working directly for Apple and using the nickname of 'Sputnik'. This demonstrates Apple's interest in developing its own mapping and leave in the background of Google, which could end up disappearing from our IOS devices in the future.

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Source: 9to5Mac

Application Winners World Stars Soccer Puzzle Edition

puzzle futbol Ganadores de la aplicación World Stars Soccer Puzzle Edition

We have winners of the 10 codes to download free game Puzzle Soccer World Stars Edition.

Puzzle Stars Soccer World Edition is a game of Bejeweled, but better: it is a puzzle game of football, in which grouping the stones (and footballs) will go forward through the countryside you see in the bottom of the display and linking moves to score a goal to get the opposing team.

The winners will receive the code by mail within minutes.

412337486 Ganadores de la aplicación World Stars Soccer Puzzle Edition World Stars Soccer Puzzle Edition
Developer: Alejandro Gomez Luengo
Price: EUR 0.79 (Download application)

Winners Meme Generator Pro application

meme winers Ganadores de la aplicación Meme Generator Pro

We have 5 winners of the codes to download Meme Generator Pro

Meme Generator Pro has just been updated to version 3.0. With it you can do in seconds Memes and share them with friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email, also allow you to upload them to imageshack to hang in a forum quickly.

The winners will receive the code by mail within minutes.

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Gem Keeper, another tower defense you can not miss in your collection

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If you like games from the tower defense genre, Gem Keeper can not miss on your device iO S.

For those who do not know these games still in the tower defense will have to use defensive towers to stop waves of enemies before they reach our base. As the enemies have different skills, our towers also offer different possibilities so that is where the difficulty of the game. It is vital to properly choose the type of towers that we use and their placement in the level.

In the Gem Keeper is a total of 22 different enemies and 14 defensive towers which may be updated up to three levels. In terms of levels, the game offers 30 stages spread over three different scenarios.

I recommend that you always juguéis a level of difficulty as difficult as possible because that's when the game becomes extremely addictive and we have to change our strategy if we are defeated.

gem keeper 1 150x150 Gem Keeper, otro tower defense que no puede faltar en tu colección gem keeper 2 150x150 Gem Keeper, otro tower defense que no puede faltar en tu colección gem keeper 3 150x150 Gem Keeper, otro tower defense que no puede faltar en tu colección gem keeper 4 150x150 Gem Keeper, otro tower defense que no puede faltar en tu colección

Protect your gems Gem Keeper, a fun tower defense game that you can enjoy your IOS devices for only 2.39 euros.

468922463 Gem Keeper, otro tower defense que no puede faltar en tu colección Gem Keeper ™
Developer: NCsoft
Price: EUR 2.39 (Download application)